Travel Essentials: Important Things to Pack for Any Female Traveler

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Like many other travelers, I’m guilty of forgetting some important things at home. It’s often surprising how much small and seemingly unimportant things can make or break your trip. I’ve complied a list of things I think are essential for traveling as a young female. Many of these things are things I commonly forget to pack but can be extremely useful when you remember them.

This post contains affiliate links. While many links are purely informational, clicks on affiliate link help me to support my blog. Thank you for your support!

Travel Journal

You’ll never know when the inspiration to write will strike. I find that when I travel my mind is flowing with ideas and observations about where I am. I always bring a journal with me to jot down important things or give me the opportunity to reflect on my experience.

Here’s mine —–>>>>

Inflatable Travel Neck Pillow

Travel Neck pillows can be essential for comfort during a long flight, however most neck pillows are filled with cotton or foam etc. This can make it awkward or difficult to store. I prefer an inflatable pillow because it takes up less room in my pack and I can adjust the firmness by releasing or adding air to it.

Polaroid Camera

I love taking polaroid photographs. They seem make an image or memory much more unique. I like to label my photographs and tape them inside my travel journal. 

Travel Document Holder

Sometimes it’s best to keep all your cards, documents, and IDs (or copies of these things) all in one place. These are nice so you’re not fumbling through your stuff trying to find your boarding pass or metro card.

Plastic Bags

This is something that you may not realize will come in handy until you have a pair of wet/dirty clothes/shoes you need to stow away in your pack. Any bag works great. I typically use old grocery store bags or you can opt to buy some nice large Ziplock bags.


It can be hard to get used to local cuisine when traveling. Personally, I’m also a picky eater so I’m always sure to bring stuff to snack on while in transit and for when I get the midnight munchies in my hostel.

Pain Reliever

If you are prone to headaches like I am this might be a necessity. Traveling can be exhausting and mentally straining. Be prepared. A pain reliever can also be useful if your feet need relief from large amounts of walking.

A Pen

You never know when you’ll need to jot something down. Also handy to have a pen on the plane so you can get a head start on those customs/immigration forms.

An Envelope

For keeping Keep your receipts. I like to be able to track how much I’m spending. So I keep receipts and then when I returned figure out how much of my money went where so I can make adjustment for the future. Sometimes I’m surprised to realize that I spent a lot of money in unexpected places that I don’t think to budget for, like food at the airport, or that magazine I bought to read during a train ride.

Anti-Bacterial Wipes/ Hand Sanitizer

Traveling is stressful enough without wondering if someone drooled all over your tray table or propped their feet up on your armrests on the previous flight. While traveling you have the opportunity to be exposed to so many germs. Get rid of germs and bacteria from your seat, armrests, or tray table with some handy disinfectant wipes.

Hand sanitizer is helpful for similar reasons. I always like to sanitize my hands before eating.

Emory Board or Nail Clippers

It might just be me, but I feel like every time I travel I break a nail and low and behold I always forget a set of nail clippers or an Emory board at home. Save yourself the trouble of fussing over a broken nail snagging on your clothes by packing these thing with you. I typically forget and end up having to buy one or the other, ugh.

Diarrhea Medicine

Self-explanatory. Depending on where you go, you might not be used to the local cuisine. Be prepared, just in case.

Flip Flops

You’ll definitely want to wear these in the shower at your hostel, avoid athletes foot and other fungus in there. Also, handy for a day at the beach of course.

Cute Cross Body Purse

I like to bring a small cross body purse because I don’t need to carry much during the day and I also want to be hands free. I also find it awkward to carry shoulder bag when I want to be as active as possible exploring a new city. You can even use it lug your jacket around if it gets a little warm. I just drape my jacket over the purse and can carry them both around hands-free.

Tinted Lip Balm

To keep your lips moist on the go but with a touch of color

An Umbrella

If it rains where you’re going this is probably a good idea. Check out this compact travel umbrella to save space.


You might be traveling to somewhere with a different climate or maybe just have dry skin.  Whatever the reason, lotion is always a must on my list. Lately, I’ve been obsessed with Udderly Smooth Hand and Body Cream. This lotion absorbs quickly onto your skin and is non-greasy.

What are your travel essentials? Share in the comments below

Travel essentials

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Travel Essentials

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  1. Hello!! Found you on GLT and I have to say I love your red hair! (although u probably get that a lot! Eep! )
    Add in some hair ties and a cute cap (for those days you’re too lazy to wash your hair haha!)
    Love the list! Are u planning any trips soon? Following your blog!

    1. Hey there Xin!

      Thanks for supporting a fellow GLT! and thank you so much for the compliment about my hair! Red is such a fun and freeing color. Hair ties and a cap are a great idea while traveling. I personally use “invisibobble Original Traceless Hair Rings.” They are great because they don’t leave that unwanted ‘ponytail indent’ in your hair and you can easily switch your look from ‘hair up’ to ‘hair down’ without having to straighten or fix your hair.

      I actually just returned from a backpacking trip to Amsterdam, Dortmund, Brussels, and Paris. Keep on the look out for a post later this week about my experience.

      Thanks for following!

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