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Stashing Your Cash: Clever Ways Women can Carry Cash While Traveling

As I prepare for my next big trip, I have been researching ways to safety carry money around with me. Carrying money while traveling has to be a balance of safety and ease of access. You want all your money to be secure but you also don’t want to be playing hide and seek with it. You also want to be able to get to it without having to unload your entire pack or strip off all your clothes. 

Below, I’ve complied a list of tips and products I’ve found that can help you keep your cash and credit/debit cards safe but accessible while traveling.

Divide your money up

Whenever possible, divvy up your travel cash and even credit/debit cards into multiple safe spots in your pack or luggage. If you’ve got all your money in one place, it only takes one time for a thief to totally wipe you out. If you have your money hidden in multiple spots though, you’ll still have a fall back. I also think this is good idea when you are out sightseeing with just a purse or small bag. Keep some on your person (stashed in your bra, in your shoe, etc.) and also in your bag. That way if you fall pray to a pick pocket you’ll still have back up cash until you get back to your accommodation. 

Clean out your wallet

Chances are, you’re not going to need your library card or that high school ID you’ve been carrying around with you forever. Keep anything that isn’t a necessity at home. If your wallet is clean and organized your better be able to access your cash.

On Body Storage is Recommended

Almost every blog/travel resource site I used while researching this topic insisted that on body storage is the safest option. I, personally, don’t recommend carrying anything valuable in your purse, which can be easily snatched, or a backpack, which can be opened without your noticing. Some may feel silly wearing a money belt but under-clothing/on-body storage accessories have come a long way since neck pouches and money belts came onto the scene. While the classic money storage option are still very popular there are other products that you can use.  Though those classics are still in favor, newer options include bra stashes, scarf stashes, as well as underwear, and undershirts with built-in pockets for safe storage.  Below are some suggested on body-storage products. On-body storage accessories can be particularly useful if you’re sleeping somewhere that doesn’t have a secure place for cash and other valuables during the day.

Note: Do not take your money out of your on-body hiding place while out in public. Use your wallet during the day so you aren’t advertising where you stash your cash. If you need to move money from a hiding spot and into your wallet go use the restroom and make the exchange in there.

On Body Storage Products

Smart Travel Scarf

This scarf, in my opinion, is one of the most fashionable ways to stash your cash. The pockets are big enough to hold your passport, wallet, or phone. You will have to do some adjusting though so that you don’t have a passport sized lump visible around your neck.

Travel Tank Top with Secret Pocket

This tank makes for a very discreet hiding spot. Like the scarf, you may need to adjust or wear a shirt over it so that it’s not obvious that you have cash in your shirt. 

Boot Wallet

This one is perfect for girls who wear knee high boots.

Boot with a secret pocket

These boots have a super discrete pocket. No one would ever guess that where your stashing your cash.

Small money pouch

The bra pouch is a pretty common tool women use to keep their money safe while traveling. I, personally, don’t think its comfortable to have a pouch dangling from your bra but to each their own. If it works for you go for it.

Pocket Socks

An even more discreet option than that boot or boot wallet.

Bangle Cuff with -- Secret Pocket

Bangle cuffs with secret pockets are a super fashionable way to hide your money. Here’s a link to make one yourself.


Hiding cash in plain sight

Whether you’re taking your money with you or wish to stash some back in your accommodation, here are some ways you can cleverly hide your cash in plain sight.

In your Pad or Tampon box

Store in in the box or in a tampon or pad wrapper, either way. Unless your thief is experiencing their time of the month they probably won’t look in your tampon box.

In a tube of chapstick

You will have to first remove the chapstick inside to make this work. Then just roll up your cash and stick it in there. 

In your water bottle

This one has a storage compartment!

In a pack of Gum

You can fold your cash and stick it inside a pack of gum or if your really ambitious wrap it up in a the gum wrapper as well to be extra safe.

In empty toiletries

Stuff your cash and valuables in an old lotion or shampoo bottle to be super sneaky. or purchase a diversion safe that looks like one of your toiletries.

In your Hair Brush

In your old Snack container

Store your money in an old Pringles container or even inside an old chip bag. Just be sure that YOU remember that its not trash. Or you can invest in a diversion safe that looks like a old snack container.

In the book your reading

Stowing some cash or documents in a book can make it easy to access, keeps everything flat, and isn’t an obvious storage spot. 

Got any more tips? Share in the comments below...

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