Don’t take on more than you can handle and continuously revaluate your budget.

So, I’m not doing that VIPKid thing (online ESL teaching mentioned in earlier post) for now at least.

I realized that while I’m also working 65 hours a week I can’t feasibly start another job and not go crazy.

So, I withdrew my application and will revisit the idea of online teaching at a later date. My plan is to quit my serving job within the next month and then research online income sources again. It important to not stretch yourself too thin, which is what I realized I was doing. I don’t want to burn myself out.

Even thoughI’m not doing VIPKid or any other type of remote work now, I am still working toward my savings goal with my saving app, Qapital. Below are screenshots of how I’m doing on my goals. I’ve been saving for about 5 months at this point.

I have decided that it is probably in my best interest to increase my savings goal. I originally shared that I thought $2,000USD would be enough but, I failed to recognize that I should also be saving for travel insurance and travel gear.

My savings goals are now:

Get Outta Here : $2,000

Travel Gear: $500

Travel Insurance: $1,000

Emergency Fund: $1,000

Want to try Qapital? Here’s my referral code: http://get.qapital.com/bzAc/Gz8s7hlTKB


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