9 Useful Travel Apps

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9 useful travel apps

Having your phone loaded with great travel apps can make your trip easy and organized. I have compiled a list of apps that I have found to be extremely useful while traveling. I hope you find these apps as useful as I did.


This free app offers you the ability to search through and book 27,000 hostels in 180 countries. The app also features thousands of customer reviews so you now what your picking. The filters in the search setting are also very customizable, so you can find the right hostel for your trip.



Want a home away form home? AirBnB offers travelers the ability to search through local hosts who will accommodate you for a fee in their own home. Accomadations range from a couch to sleep on to incredible vacation homes. The app allows you to search, book, and pay for your stay with an available host.


Skiplagged can help you find cheap flights and also allows you to book flights with multiple stops and then deplane at your connection before reaching your final destination. This can be cheaper and is sometimes referred to as hidden city ticketing and is sometimes looked down on by airlines. This is often less expensive than booking a flight directly to the earlier stop. The only catch is if you book a trip and don’t intend to use a connecting flight you cannot check a bag or else your bag will continue to the next destination without you. Recently, the Skiplagged added the ability to search for hotel deals as well.


Maps.me Is a great navigation app that doesn’t require date or Wi-Fi connection to point you in the right direction. The way it works is something I’m still not sure about, but I do know that this app is easy to use and has thousands of addresses for different locations and attractions in a large number of cities.


TripIt is an incredibly easy to use itinerary planner. TripIt scans through your emails to find lodging, travel and activity bookings and will automatically add the details to your trip in the app so all your information is in one place. It is seamless. TripIt will even track your trip in real-time and send you notifications when an activity or check-in time is approaching.


Paying extra to your cell phone company to use your data abroad is often something everyone wants to avoid. Internet access is important if you need to rebook a flight, get directions, or contact family or friends. Thankfully, Free Wi-Fi Finder can show you where you there are free wireless connections around and, if available, the app will even have the Wi-Fi password that you can copy and paste.

Money and Organization

Apple Pay and Apple Wallet

Apple Pay and Apple Wallet are a great way to go cashless.

There are plenty of locations that accept Apple Pay. You just load your credit/debit card details and you can then pay for purchases with a quick fingerprint scan on your phone at checkout. I find it convenient when paying for food at places like McDonald’s or Walgreens. There are also a variety of apps that will accept Apple Pay, like Groupon.


With Apple Wallet, you can store and use tickets, passes, coupons, and gift cards, all on your iPhone. Your wallet will display all important information; like the balance on your gift card, coupon expiration dates, your seat number, and more. It will even show your confirmation code to scan if necessary. For my last trip, I was able to store my Lufthansa ticket, my FlixBus ticket, and my activity confirmations from Get Your Guide.

iOs Only


Get Your Guide is an instant booking app for tours, sightseeing, and activities. The app allows you to search for activities by city and day and pay for your experience through the app. I’ve personally booked a Sunset Eiffel Tower tour, a canal cruise in Amsterdam, and ‘skip the line’ pass to the Musée du Louvre.


Google Translate can instantly translate text and even spoken-word. You can simply say a phrase in English (or any other language), and Google Translate will, of course, translate it for you, but can even say the phrase for you in the desired language.

Know of any other great travel apps? Tell me about them in the comments below:)

9 Useful travel apps

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  1. If you travel abroad and shop an app we find very useful is called Simply Declare. It tracks our goodies for when we get back to the border and have to fill out declaration forms. We downloaded the free and then we upgraded to the paid for more currencies and a few other features.

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